Episode 9 - How to Get a Standing Ovation with Magic! - Make a Coke Bottle Appear

Magic is a great way to ensure you get a standing ovation. With most magic, I learned this from a fantastic book called Magic The Complete Course by Joshua Jay (though he says to use a cup of water, I prefer just running to a vending machine and grabbing a soda). This is a fun way to ensure your audience gives you that standing ovation you deserve. You don't have to be a well-seasoned magician, or a professional public speaker to learn this routine. You can experiment with a few items instead of the coke bottle such as flower vases, latex production bottles, appearing bouquets, anything you can think of!

Mnemonic phrases to help you remember the alphabet backward:

Zapping Your Xylophone With Violet Underwear Takes Strong Resistance.

Quiz People On Noodle Making Like King's Jesters.

Hungry Giraffes Fake Entertainment Definitely Causes Bad Audiences.

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