5 Unique Ideas for 


For the Dad with a sense of humor:

Fire wallets make a fantastic gift for anyone who wants to make a memorable impression when handing out their business card. Or how about the next time you're out to dinner, and it comes time to pay. Ok maybe we are being a bad influence, maybe we aren't. This beautifully crafted fire wallet is sure to last. Get dad something fun this Father's Day. 

The Professional's Fire Wallet (Gimmick and Online Instructions)

The Professional's Fire Wallet (Gimmick and Online Instructions)


For the Entertainer:

If you like to entertain people on stage or even if you just like to entertain guests at a party. This shelf top show-stopper is certain to have your guests scratching their heads! 

Magic Rope Bottle Holder by YUM Magic

Magic Rope Bottle Holder by YUM Magic


For the Movie Fanatic:

We have various movie decks of cards for anyone who is into films. Also, check out our card display cases for a beautiful way to present your cards.

For a Handcrafted Idea:

These rings are handmade in Canada. Each one is unique to the coin used. This ring is the perfect weight for palming and other various ring tricks.

Kennedy Half Dollar Ring

Kennedy Half Dollar Ring


For the Collector:

If you are anything like us you have decks of cards all over your house. Display your decks proudly with one of our many amazing display cases. 

Need more ideas?

Ask one of our concierge team members!

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