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10 Iconic Books Every Magician Should Read Right Now


- Fitzkee Trilogy (3 books)

- Card College Volume 1-5 (5 books)

- JB Bobo Modern Coin Magic

- Tarbell Volume 1-8 (8 books)

- Maximum Entertainment by Ken Weber

- Rich Dad Poor Day by Robert Kioyosaki

- The Greatest Salesman in the World  by OG Mandino

- Mark Wilson Complete Course in Magic

- The Secret to Success by Eric Thomas

- The Showbiz Masterplan by JC Sum

- Bonus for those interested in getting into illusions

- Any of JC Sum’s Books but in particular to beginner illusionist

- How To Be An Illusionist by JC Sum


Why I would read each book


  • Fitzkee

    • Enhances your Quality of Performance for Spectators and as a creator of magic effects.s

  • Card College

    • This is an encyclopedia for card magic and gives you an extensive library to perform any card sleights you may need for any routine you think of. 

  • Jb Bobo Modern Coin Magic

    • If you want an encyclopedia for coin sleights not to mention routines this the only book that will provide you with every coin sleight under the sun.

  • Tarbell

    • You should start with these books because of the rich history of magic shared from A-Z everything from close up to parlour to stage, now i will say since these books were created new technology and props have been invented since to make some of these methods obsolete, but in some cases old is better because no one will see it coming

  • Maximum Entertainment

    • This book will take you from an average entertainer to one that people will talk about for weeks, months maybe even years. This will enhance your performance and get you to think of how to take advantage of every nook any cranny of your performance and not just leave an effect as it was originally marketed or created.

  • Rich Dad Poor Dad

    • I choose this book because this took me out of just being a performer and thinking of my show, character and performance as a business and not leaving